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Matt Bilen

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Name:Matt Bilen
Title:Adjunct Professor
Department:Film and Digital Media


BA at Judson University (1995) - Communication Arts and Education
MA at Montana State University (2005) - Science and Education


Matt Bilen has been a teacher at the university and secondary levels for nearly 20 years, teaching video, art, and science.  He started his professional work in film shooting "Finger of God" with Wanderlust Productions. Matt did the special features for “Finger of God” and worked on almost all of film shoots for "Furious Love." He came on full-time with Wanderlust Productions in June of 2010 and directed, edited, and composed the score for the cartoon called "Anointed Fighter." He shot and composed the score for Wanderlust’s most recent production, "Father of Lights." Matt's upcoming project is a fantasy film to be filmed on location and in a green screen studio.  And before all this, he was an amateur filmmaker who won an award at the Imago Film Festival with his very first film.

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