Film and Digital Media - Mission and Vision | Judson University Christian College


  1. To develop media-related communication skills that will enable the student to participate effectively in our contemporary visual/digital/media culture.
  2. To examine the use of media-related communication in all its forms as both high art and popular entertainment.
  3. To examine media in terms of its form, technology, and economy and how media informs culture: individually, locally, and globally.
  4. To value language and image as building blocks for contemporary media and understand the power of media as a divine gift.

Gabrielle Pflaum - Spotlight

Gabrielle Pflaum

Gabrielle Pflaum

Taking English as a minor was one of the best choices I could have made on both a personal and professional level. From reading “The Screwtape Letters” to creative writing classes, my understanding of literature and the craft of writing grew. The greatest contribution of all was the encouragement and amazing support of professors who believed in and wanted me to succeed. They helped me pursue my passion for writing and it’s through them that I’ve reached my dream of becoming a published author.

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