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Students will:

  1. Gain exposure to the history of world civilizations including their political institutions, philosophies, religions, and social structures.
  2. Learn how to integrate their Christian faith with historical concepts.
  3. Be prepared for graduate study.
  4. Develop critical thinking abilities, read perceptively, and write effectively.
  5. Develop analytical and research skills.

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Dr. Angelene Naw - Spotlight

Angelene Naw joined the University of Rangoon as a faculty member in 1971 and taught history courses until 1984 when she received the East-West Center scholarship in Honolulu to pursue her Ph.D degree at the University of Hawaii.

Student Spotlight - John Banks

While working towards two majors and playing baseball, John Banks is usually busy.  He is studying both Accounting and History, and he enjoys the honors program.  John said, “I appreciate the advanced projects in the program, and without it, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to study at Oxford.”

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