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Careers in Music Business Entrepreneurship could involve working with nonprofit organizations involved in the arts such as a community theater or professional orchestra; joining an educational setting such a public or private high school school that offers music and theater; or starting your own business in the music and performing arts industry. Typical careers for graduates include:

Live Performance

  • Running Live Sound
  • Organize and/or run a tour – road manager (buses, crew, production, etc.)
  • Book, promote and manage a concert event (promotion, marketing, ticketing, production, venue contracts etc.)
  • Create and perform you own music in live settings

Recorded Music

  • Recording Technology in the studio and live

Music Business

  • Management
  • Booking Agent
  • Music Publishing – acquisition of copyrights, management of copyrights, performing rights organizations
  • Record companies – from a major label to the many independents to starting your own


  • Interactive, online companies are hiring music graduates
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Student Spotlight - Brianna Berger

The Music Business Entrepreneurship major at Judson will be a very beneficial addition to Judson University’s current offerings. It draws from two good programs that already exist and incorporates entrepreneurship into them. There are many new music artists trying to enter the market, and this program can provide students with the knowledge and experience to have an advantage in this area – whether they are focused on heading that direction themselves or assisting someone else.

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