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Music Business and Entrepreneurship Courses


MUS 473, Music Business Senior Project

A summation of past work plus the development of new work in the student's major field, culminating in a faculty-juried business plan presentation and faculty-juried public performance. Students will produce a record album and portfolio artifacts. Also includes cooperative work with other senior project students in artist relations, concert promotion and concert production. This is the capstone course for Music Business and Entrepreneurship.

Permission of Instructor required
Pre-requisites: MUS 151, MUS 152, MUS 153, MUS 154, WOR 142, WOR 152, MUS 224, MUS 1XX Recording Techniques, BUS 250, MUS 1XX Introduction to Music Publishing & Copyright, BUS 255, MUS 302, 301/304, WOR 320, PSY 309, BUS 344, BUS 347X
Co-requisites: BUS 454, MUS 402 401/404
Faculty consent required.

MUS 173, Recording Techniques I

Introduction to the equipment of the studio and its use, studio session procedures and recording production. Includes familiarization with multi-track recording, sequencing, synchronization, digital signal processing, computer based editing, and MIDI technologies.
Pre-requisites: none
Co-requisites: none

MUS 174, Introduction to Music Publishing and Copyright

Music publishing as related to ownership and exploitation of music copyrights. Overview of copyright basics, licensing, and the process of music publishing from the creation of a song through its distribution.
Pre-requisites: none
Co-requisites: none

Complete Course listing

MUS102-402 Applied Piano and
MUS101/104-401/404 Either Applied Voice, Piano, Percussion or Guitar (16: 4 x 4) (4 years of applied lessons)
BUS251 Principles of Accounting (3)
MUS142/148/150 Large Ensemble (4: 8 x 0.5) (4 years of ensemble)
MUS151/152 Music Theory I & II (6)
MUS153/154 Sight Singing and Ear Training (Aural Skills) I & II (2)
WOR152 Worship Band Fundamentals (3)
MUS 173/373 Recording Techniques I & II (6)
MUS174 Introduction to Music Publishing & Copyright (3)
MUS224 Introduction to Music Technology (2)
BUS250 Management Principles (3)
BUS255 Marketing Fundamentals (3)
PSY309 Interpersonal Relationships (3)
WOR320 Songwriting for Contemporary Worship (3)
BUS344 Personal Finance (3)
BUS347X Business Communication (3)
BUS454 Entrepreneurship/ New Venture Management (3)
MUS473 Senior Music Business Project (2)
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Student Spotlight - Brianna Berger

The Music Business Entrepreneurship major at Judson will be a very beneficial addition to Judson University’s current offerings. It draws from two good programs that already exist and incorporates entrepreneurship into them. There are many new music artists trying to enter the market, and this program can provide students with the knowledge and experience to have an advantage in this area – whether they are focused on heading that direction themselves or assisting someone else.

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