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Objectives and Goals

The social sciences aim to explain individual and group behavior. Studying the social sciences develops the capacity for critical and analytical thinking about human behavior, community dynamics and social policies in terms of cultural and cross-cultural contexts. Those who study the social sciences often go on to careers in social work, social/human services, student development, the legal professions, human resources and the professional pastorate.

The Division of Social Sciences strives to :

  • Prepare students who are interested in careers in which they can apply an understanding of human behavior.
  • Prepare students for graduate study.
  • Model and encourage academic excellence and integration of Christian faith and the social sciences.
  • Model and encourage a global perspective for understanding human behavior

Psychology Objectives 

  • Articulate and use the clinical and research methods used to study behavior, emotion, and thought, rather than the uncritical acceptance of intuitive feelings or personal experience as ways of knowing.
  • Apply and critically evaluate the ideas, theories and research findings within psychology.
  • Develop and practice oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Prepare students for graduate study and/or entry-level work in the social services.
  • Prepare students for professions, other than psychology and the social services, that require an understanding of human behavior.
  • Learn to integrate psychology theories and research findings with the Christian faith, both professionally and personally.

Lisa (Matthews) Petrina - Spotlight

Lisa Petrina

Lisa (Matthews) Petrina

"Judson changed my life. I found my direction, my purpose, lifelong friends, and the career path I have had for almost 20 years."

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