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Department of Social Sciences

Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice

Students who study psychology, sociology, and criminal justice are interested in what motivates human behavior, and what can be done to improve it. These students enjoy understanding people individually and in groups in order to make their lives better.

A social sciences degree is very versatile, preparing you for a job or graduate study. Common careers for these graduates include: social work and human services, the business world, government and public service, law enforcement, vocational ministry, or anything in which an understanding of human behavior and society is helpful.

Courses in the social sciences sharpen key skills that prepare you to enter our rapidly changing workplace -- skills such as evaluating information, relating effectively to others, and clear and persuasive communication.

Learn more about the psychology major and optional concentration in criminal justice.

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Amanda (Johnson) Babic - Spotlight

Amanda Babic

Amanda (Johnson) Babic

"Judson University was a great experience for me. Get to know your peers, get to know your professors. The small class sizes are great because you are not just a number. When I started Judson, I wasn't sure it would be a great fit for me, but once I found the major that was meant for me, I found out how great Judson is."

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