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Science and Mathematics

Since Judson’s very beginning, the Science and Mathematics Department has trained graduates who take on the challenge of studying and stewarding God’s creation.  Our students prepare to leave their marks on the world through intimate, hands-on investigations in the mindsets and methods of science and mathematics.

Real World

Both in and out of the lab, Judson students explore the world with their own hands.  They may study the biodiversity of Judson’s own Tyler Creek, measure water quality of lakes in Northern Michigan, uncover the skeletal structure during a dissection, grow bacteria in a dish, or measure chemical concentrations in velvet beans.

Real Issues

Understanding how things work is just the first step.  Judson students are engaged in issues of the day through seminars and research.  Students have worked on third-world food sources, bacterial growth, alternative fuels, ecosystem restoration, and biological modeling.

Real Science

Many of the answers to the issues of the day require scientific understanding and science-based solutions.  Our students engage with current scientific research utilizing current technology.  Our small size means that students work directly with all laboratory equipment and closely under the supervision of faculty members.

Real Mathematics

Mathematics provides both the conceptual tools and mental training to solve the problems we face now as well as those of which we are not yet aware.  Mathematics includes measurement and modeling tools and teaches problem solving techniques and mental approaches to complex ideas. Math majors can work in many different areas that require analytic thinking skills. To see what Math majors can do, visit this website.

Real Christians

The Science and Mathematics faculty at Judson University affirm that you cannot fully know the God of the universe without studying the world he has made and that your knowledge of the physical world is incomplete if you have never met the creator.  Under the direction of the faculty, Judson Science and Math graduates explore how their faith and their studies can be brought together harmoniously to make a difference in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Jason Kennell - Spotlight

Jason Kennell

Jason Kennell

"My time at Judson showed me that science and faith aren't mutually exclusive. They exist simultaneously and impact each other. My science and mathematics professors especially were influential in this area."

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