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Communication Studies Major

Terry SpeakingCommunication is part of everyday life and therefore, very important, but too often the experience of communication has become ordinary.  Within the communication studies major, our goal is to have students recognize the means of communication as extraordinary gifts as those students become extraordinary communicators. The major teaches through the study of communication theory and the practice of performance, enabling students to succeed in a variety of professions. Three variations of the communication studies major are available with concentrations in business, speech/rhetoric, or theater.

The goals of this major were developed using as a template goals formulated at the Hope University Conference (July 2000), which convened specifically to articulate an ideal communication studies curriculum. The Hope University Conference asserts that “an undergraduate degree in communication should educate individuals to be capable of assessing situations and crafting appropriate communicative response to interact effectively with diverse others and to participate as socially responsible members of their increasingly mediated and complex communities." The Judson University program adds to that biblically-based values and precepts.

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