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Making the choice to study abroad can be one of the most life-changing experiences for a student. The administration at Judson University firmly believes this, and that is why they continue to develop a wide variety of opportunities for Judson students to study off-campus. Judson currently offers more than 20 different options for spending a semester abroad, including such places as England, China, Japan, Russia, Egypt, Uganda, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Costa Rica, and Spain. Our programs also include Stateside programs such as the Chicago Semester, or the Los Angeles Film Studies Program. We believe in allowing students to put into practice the values and information that they learn in the classroom. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to do so.

Students who intern with the Chicago Semester program experience first-hand the industries in their field of study, from student-teaching in the inner-city school districts to designing for the Creative Department at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to everything in between and beyond. Students who choose to spend their semester with Judson's very unique Austria program get to travel as far across Europe as their time and Eurail pass can take them - and take part in every cultural tradition along the way.

At Judson, we encourage our students to take advantage of these opportunities because we know that they will come back a better version of themselves - more passionate and more positive about their education and their own ability to make a difference on their campus and in the world. You are given the opportunity to taste, smell, touch, and see for yourself a world full of different cultures and you can cultivate all the skills you will need to put your education into practice through our programs. Start today and chart your course to a better education!

Professor Sabbaticals

Even our professors don't stay still. Every semester, our teachers travel and spend time learning and growing in their fields.

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