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 A World Leaders Forum Sponsorship  offers you, your company, church or foundation the opportunity to serve as a partner for this premier world-class opportunity to educate tomorrow's leaders. Proceeds fund Judson leadership scholarships and innovative entrepreneurial activities as well as support on-going operational purposes of the World Leaders Forum. Thank you to the many sponsors that made the 2018 World Leaders Forum possible.

 WLF 2018 Sponsors

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Sponsor Testimonials

“Judson University’s 2011 World Leaders Forum, with keynote speaker President George W. Bush, brought Judson into a whole new arena of progressive universities with programs and curriculums that appeal to the current generation of students. The fundraising focus of the 2011 World Leaders Forum was Entrepreneurial Studies. Today’s economy and ‘whole-world’ business culture make fertile ground for creative entrepreneurs. Exposure to the advice and wisdom from well-known, successful public figures, provides an extra element of confidence to students as they move forward. I applaud Judson University as a forerunner in offering the foundation and tools necessary for the success of graduates in a wide variety of career choices.” – Katy Vandygriff, Member of the Board of Directors, Kent Corporation 

“The World Leaders Forum was enlightening and informative. It was neat to hear the perspective of George W. Bush on things that we have lived through and experienced. It was a joy to get to know Bush on a more personal level as well, especially during the question and answer segment. The media portrays Bush one way, but we got to see a different side of him in this setting. The World Leaders Forum gave many people a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and hear a national leader. Judson University did a wonderful job.” – Bill Hoffer, President, Hoffer Plastics Corporation 

“As business and community leaders, we take our responsibility to give back and build into our community very seriously. Choosing a partner is a critical step in our process. The World Leaders Forum has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for us to accomplish our mission. Our experience, particularly in 2012, gave us the experience of meeting a world leader with great historical significance and hearing first hand from him. Knowing that the benefits continue to produce great results for Judson and our community is a huge plus.” – Terri Greeno, Owner, Express Employment Professionals 

“It was a privilege and honor for Spectrum to help sponsor this event in conjunction with the visionaries of Judson University. President Bush spoke eloquently about the importance of leadership skills and the role of making difficult decisions as president. It was very interesting to learn that he was a prolific reader of books about leadership while in office. His integrity, convictions and religious beliefs contributed to exceptional leadership during his Presidency.” – Mike Thurow, President & CEO, Spectrum Technologies 

“I attend events all over the city of Chicago and the World Leaders Forum offers a very unique opportunity to meet some of the most influential leaders of our time. With Judson University’s intimate professional setting, one truly experiences the essence behind the character and leadership skills of world leaders that have helped shape the world in which we live.” – John G. Wells, General Manager, Hilton Chicago

“What an incredible opportunity to listen to and interact with a world leader like Mr. Gorbachev. It was really interesting to hear his perspective on some major world events both from his time as President of Russia as well as what is unfolding now. It was also fun to hear his stories of other world leaders. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this WLF and look forward to the one in 2013.” – John Shales, LEED AP, ASHE HCC, Shales McNutt Construction 

“The World Leaders Forum was a magnificent event for Judson University and the surrounding community. I strongly encourage you to attend next year if you have the chance.” – Pin Ni, President, Wanxiang America Corporation 




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