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Application for Admission to CM & YMAS Majors


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Judson ID:  

Date of Birth:  (mm/dd/yyyy)     Place of Birth:       Gender:  


U.S. Citizen:    If no, of what country are you a citizen:   

High School GPA:   Current (College) GPA:  

Colleges attended other than Judson:


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Answer the following questions specifically and truthfully (this application will be kept confidential).

1. Have you ever been convicted of any crimes?   

2. Have you used or are you using any illegal drugs?  

3. Have you had any sexual relations with a minor after you became an adult?  

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions please give an explanation below.



Based on personal feedback and experience, check the traits that best describe you:

In one or two paragraphs answer each question below.

1. Why do you want to pursue this major and vocation?


2. What abilities, skills or talents do you think you possess that will help you in this field?


3. What personal traits or experiences do you possess that may hinder your effectiveness?


4. If you were to dream about the future, what contribution(s) do you hope to make to your field of ministry? Examples: Complete research in a particular area, train volunteers, serve the church ministering to Jr. High students, author a book on a particular subject.


5. Describe your present relationship with Jesus Christ and briefly assess your spiritual growth.


6. What church are you attending while you are a student at Judson?  Describe your role there.


7. How would your professors describe you as a student?


8. Where do you see yourself two to four years after graduation? (What kind of ministry do you see yourself doing? Type? Location? Context?)





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