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Department of Christian Ministries

Application to Major: Professional Recommendation

The Department of Christian Ministries of Judson University is asking you to supply information regarding this student, who is interested in pursuing a degree in either Christian Ministries or Youth Ministry/Adolescent Studies.  Please take a moment to complete this form.

Student Name: 

How long have you known the applicant?  Briefly describe your relationship with the applicant.



Rate the student's level of emotional maturity. (5=Mature 1=Immature) 

If the candidate demonstrates immaturity please describe.



Do you believe this applicant to be a positive role model for peers, children, or adolescents?  Please explain.


How does the applicant react in stressful situations?


What strengths do you feel the applicant possesses that will make him/her effective in a Christian ministry?


Are there any concerns, traits, and/or flaws that you may have observed in this candidate that could hinder his/her effectiveness in a ministry position?


How serious an attitude does this applicant demonstrate toward a profession in Christian ministry?


Please add any additional comments that you think would be of help.


What is your recommendation of the candidate as a prospect for a ministry specific profession? 



Please give us some information about yourself.







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