JSO Self Reference Form



 JSO Self Reference 2012-13

Assessment of Current Leadership Qualities

©John Maxwell





0= Never     1=Seldom   2=Sometimes  3=Usually  4=Always

1.  I have influence


2. I have self-discipline 


3. I have a good track record


4. I have strong people skills 


5. I have the ability to solve problems 


6. I do not accept the status quo 


7. I see the big picture 


8. I have the ability to handle stress


9. I display a positive spirit


10. I understand people


11. I am free of personal problems 


12. I am willing to take responsibility 


13. I am free from anger


14. I am willing to make changes


15. I have integrity


16. I am growing closer to God


17. I have the ability to see what has to be done next


18. I am accepted as a leader by others


19. I have the ability and desire to keep learning


20. I have a manner that draws people


21. I have a good self-image


22. I have a willingness to serve others


23. I have the ability to bounce back when problems arise


24. I have the ability to develop other leaders


25. I take initiative






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