JSO Reference Form


JSO Reference 2013-14

Assessment of Current Leadership Qualities

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Pastor, Faculty Member or Employer Reference



  has applied for a leadership position at Judson University serving as part of the Judson Student Organization or University Ministries.  The basic purpose of the JSO and UM is to assist in the full development of the students of Judson by promoting fellowship, encouraging high academic and moral standards, and fostering a distinctively Christian-college community.  Your comments, expressing both strengths and weaknesses, will help us determine the suitability of the applicant for the JSO or UM position.


0= Never     1=Seldom   2=Sometimes  3=Usually  4=Always

1. The person has influence


2. The person has self-discipline  



3. The person has a good track record


4. The person has strong people skills 



5. The person has the ability to solve problems 



6. The person does not accept the status quo 



7. The person sees the big picture 



8. The person has the ability to handle stress


9. The person displays a positive spirit


10. The person understands people


11. The person is free of personal problems 



12. The person is willing to take responsibility 



13. The person is free from anger


14. The person is willing to make changes


15. The person has integrity


16. The person is growing closer to God


17. The person has the ability to see what has to be done next


18. The person is accepted as a leader by others


19. The person has the ability and desire to keep learning


20. The person has a manner that draws people


21. The person has a good self-image


22. The person has a willingness to serve others


23. The person has the ability to bounce back when problems arise


24. The person has the ability to develop other leaders


25. The person takes initiative


How long have you known the applicant?  

What is your relationship to the applicant?  

In what areas do you feel the applicant would struggle in a leadership position? Why?

(Please know your candor will not automatically disqualify the applicant.)


In your opinion, what would the applicant contribute to the Judson Student Organization or University Ministries?


I recommend the applicant:




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