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Worship Arts Minors and Certificate


Important Note for Worship Arts Minors

  • Required Major and Resident GPAs: 2.0


Praise and Worship Music Minor

Required = 18 Credit Hours

Praise and Worship Music Courses

  • MUS150 University Choir (.5 X 2 semesters)
  • MUS152 Music Theory II
  • MUS154 Ear Training/Sight Singing II
  • MUS155 Keyboard Harmony I
  • MUS224 Intro to Music Technology
  • MED280 History of Rock & Roll: Medium/Message
  • WOR320 Songwriting for Contemporary Worship
  • MUS1** Private Lessons
  • MUS2** Private Lessons
  • MUS3** Private Lessons
  • MUS4** Private Lessons

Worship Arts Minor

Required = 20 Credit Hours

Worship Arts Minor Courses

  • SPC330 Speaking the Faith 
  • THS221 Christian Theology 
  • WOR152 Worship Band Fundamentals 
  • WOR201 Worship Resource
  • WOR255X History and Theology of Worship 
  • WOR302 Worship and the Arts 
  • WOR303 Designing/Facilitating Worship 


Worship Arts Certificate Program

Required = 17 Credit Hours

This program requires either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. The student may be asked to take a pre-test to determine their musical skills.

Worship Arts Courses

  • WOR142 Basic Audio/Video Production for Worship
  • WOR152 Worship Band Fundamentals
  • WOR/BST225X History and Theology of Worship
  • WOR201 Worship Resources
  • WOR302 Worship and the Arts
  • WOR303 Designing/Facilitating Worship

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