Undergraduate Catalog - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - BTS Minor | Judson University Christian College

Biblical and Theological Studies Minors


  • Required GPA: 2.0
  • Required Residential GPA: 2.0
  • General Education Courses do not apply to minor requirements.

Biblical Studies Minor

Required = 18 Credit Hours

Biblical Studies Core

Required = 6 Credit Hours

  • BST221 Interpreting the Bible
  • THS221 Christian Theology

Biblical Studies Electives

Required = 12 Credit Hours

  • BST 200 - 400 level courses

Theological Studies Minor

Required = 18 Credit Hours

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that the Biblical/Theological Studies General Education Elective have a BST Prefix

Minor Core

Required = 9 Credit Hours

  • THS221 Christian Theology
  • PHL260 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHL364 Christian Ethics

Minor Electives

Required = 9 Credit Hours

Choose 9 hours from the following:

  • THS225X History and Theology of Worship
  • THS223 Environment Theology
  • PHL267 Comparative Religions
  • THS/HIS320X History of Christianity to 1500
  • THS325 Christology
  • THS330 Theology of Work
  • THS391 Philosophers & Theologians in Dialogue
  • THS435 Studies in Contemporary Theology
  • THS437 Studies in Historical Theology
  • THS/HIS321X The Church and the Reformation

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