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Pre-Law Advanced Certificate

Program Overview

The pre-law advanced certificate consists of 24 hours of coursework and internship experience designed to help students develop the skills necessary for successful performance in law school and legal practice. Those pursuing a pre-law certificate may take these courses in conjunction with any major offered at Judson University. It is strongly suggested that you develop the specifics of your pre-law program in consultation with your major advisor and Judson's Pre-Law Advisor.

Note: General education and major courses may double count with certificate requirements.

Core Requirements

Required = 6 Hours

  • POL222 American Government
  • POL495 Pre-Law Practicum II - may be taken for 1-3 hours up to 3 times to reach 3 hours

Supporting Course Requirements

Required = 9 Hours

Select 3 courses from the following:

  • BUS253 Business Law I
  • HIS377 Recent America: The U.S.Since 1945
    • Or HIS376 Minority Experience in America
  • PHL260 Introduction to Philosophy
  • SPC321 Persuasion
    • Or SPC323 Advanced Public Speaking
  • CJM110 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Skill-Building Elective Course Requirements

Required = 9 Hours

Select 9 hours from the following (from at least 2 departments):

  • ENG312 Literary Theory and Criticism
  • ENG360 Archetypes of Western Literature
  • ENG364 Non-Western Literature
  • ENG373 Light in Darkness
  • ENG465X Shakespeare: Plays and Performance
  • HIS320X History of Christianity to 1500
  • HIS363 Medieval Europe
  • HIS365 World and Revolution
  • HIS375 City and Suburb in American History
  • HIS367 Modern Imperialism:  18th Century to Present
  • HIS376 Minority Experience in America
  • HIS378 American Foreign Relation Since 1898
  • HIS377 Recent America: The U.S. Since 1945
  • HIS366 Nationalism and Globalization
  • PHL260 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHL364 Christian Ethics (PHL260 Intro to Philosophy is a pre-req)
  • SPC321 Persuasion
  • SPC323 Advanced Public Speaking
  • THS435 Studies in Contemporary Theology

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