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Criminal Activity

All staff have the responsibility of helping keep the campus a safe community. We are all asked to be aware of who is on campus and to report strange or suspicious people and/or vehicles to Campus Safety at x 9999. Be prepared to report the following items when you call:

  • Description of Suspicious Vehicle (make, model, color, license, damage or unique features, driver)
  • Description of Suspicious Person (gender, physical features, clothing, accessories)

If you observe a crime in process or behavior that you suspect is criminal, immediately notify Elgin Police (911) and Campus Safety (x9999). Please be prepared to provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Where is it happening?
  • What is the person doing?
  • How many people are involved?
  • Physical and clothing description of those involved
  • Are weapons involved?
  • Vehicle description and license plate number
  • Direction of travel if known
  • Has anyone been injured?

DO NOT approach or attempt to apprehend the person(s) involved. Stay on the phone with the police dispatcher to provide additional information, until the police arrive.

Sexual Abuse/Sexual Assault

Sexual assault, sexual abuse and rape are violent crimes. No one has the right to touch your body in any way if you do not feel like being touched by that person. It is against the law. Victims of sexual abuse or assault may be male or female. Should you be a victim you should take immediate action to:

  • Get to a safe place and seek medical attention
  • Call 911 to report the act
  • Preserve the evidence

Victims can receive assistance on campus from Resident Hall Staff, Campus Safety x9999, Counseling Center x5052 and Health Services x2465. Services available off-campus include Elgin Police Department (911), Community Crisis Center 847-697-2380 (24/7), Sherman Hospital 847-742-9800 and St. Joseph Hospital 847-695-3200.

Emergency Blue Light Stations

There are three Emergency Blue Light ‘push to call’ stations on campus for student and staff emergency use. The stations are connected directly to Judson College Campus Safety and are activated by pushing the talk button. Persons needing assistance or reporting an emergency should remain at the location until a Campus Safety officer or emergency personnel arrives. The Blue Light stations are located at:

  • The Brady entrance of the campus
  • Midway between Barton House and the Library
  • Along the walk between Tyler Creek and the Fine Arts Building.

Silent Witness

The Silent Witness form is NOT to be used to report an emergency situation, but to anonymously report situations or behaviors that are illegal, threatening, or have potential to be dangerous or make you feel uncomfortable and are available on the web.

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