Medical Emergencies | Judson University Christian College

Medical Emergencies

  • DO NOT approach persons injured by electrocution or toxic exposure unlessthey are clearly away from the hazard.
  • DO NOT move a seriously injured person unless they are in an unsafe area. If the victim must be moved, move as a unit, always supporting the head and neck.
  • DO NOT bend or twist the injured person’s body.

Call 911

Remember Universal Precautions (Protect yourself from blood and bodily fluids). Be prepared to give the 911 dispatcher the following information:

  • Location of the emergency
  • What happened?
  • Number of persons injured
  • Is the injured person conscious?
  • Is the injured person breathing?
  • Is there severe bleeding?
  • After calling 911, stay with the victim until help arrives.
  • Restore or maintain breathing and heartbeat.
  • Stop severe bleeding with direct pressure when possible.
  • Keep victim warm.

Suicide, Death and Loss

In the event of a suicide threat or attempted suicide on campus, take the following action. Any note or verbalization should be taken seriously. Contact the Counseling Center at x5052 immediately. Also contact Campus Safety at x9999.

Death Witnessed
Call 911
Call Campus Safety at x9999
Call Counseling Center at x5052 to activate Crisis Intervention Team
Preserve the area until medical personnel arrive.
Not Witnessed
Call 911
Call Campus Safety at x9999
Preserve scene until police and medical personnel arrive.

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