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Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies

Program Information

Since its inception in 1995 the program has continually evolved and become one of the premier undergraduate youth ministry programs in the country. Broader than other programs, the “Adolescent Studies” emphasis enables students to pursue careers and further graduate education beyond the field of Christian ministry. Our concentrations include:

Church & Para-Church

Students in this concentration are pursuing careers as a youth pastor in a local church or are interested in serving within youth ministry organizations such as Youth for Christ and Young Life. This concentration includes additional coursework in biblical and theological studies.

Social Services

Intended for those with an interest in working with at-risk adolescents, this program provides additional coursework in psychology. Grads in this concentration have gone on to work in social work agencies and group homes specializing in adolescents. The degree is also a strong foundation for graduate studies in counseling and social work.


For students with an interest in working with adolescents in other cultural contexts than their own including missions and urban youth work.

Sports Ministry Settings

Developed in conjunction with the Department of Education and Sports Sciences, students can combine coursework and experience in the fields of youth ministry and sports management.

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Faculty - Spotlight

SandersDr. Dave brings over 30 years of youth ministry field experience to the classroom. Due to his extensive international ministry exposure, he can hook you up almost anywhere in the world to do ministry!

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