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Communications Management

Major Description

The Communications Management major is designed for managing communications in a variety of fields. This program prepares students to effectively blend leadership, innovative, and technical skills to work across multiple disciplines. Graduates are equipped to lead creative people and projects and to use a variety of communications strategies, technologies, and new media tools to forward organizational goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and apply communication principles to a wide variety of communication issues and scenarios.
  • Develop competencies in oral and written communication from media to organizational applications, choosing the style and medium most appropriate to the audience.
  • Approach communication and leadership challenges with both creative and analytical thinking.
  • Cultivate an understanding of design and its importance in achieving communicative objectives.
  • Manage public and media relations by applying traditional and new media strategies for communication, including cultivating public opinion, preparing for media interviews, and managing crisis communication.
  • Select and integrate appropriate technologies and digital tools to support collaborative, interactive, and promotional communication within organizations and between organizations and their constituencies.
  • Explore areas of organization behavior and human communication at individual, group, and organization levels.
  • Use analytical and administrative skills to create strategic communication and media campaigns.
  • Apply sound leadership principles and creative project management skills to effectively lead people and teams with diverse talents and skills for common goal achievement.
  • Create a framework for understanding legal, ethical, and Christian-based principles as they relate to communication and leadership.

Core Requirements

Required = 45 Hours

  • 3 LDB322 Managerial Communications
  • 3 LDB392 Research Methods
  • 3 LDB357 Principles of Management and Leadership
  • 3 LDB481 Faith and Life Issues
  • 3 LMM326 Organizational Behavior and Development
  • 3 CMM309 Applied Communications Theories
  • 3 CMM311 Media Writing and Techniques
  • 3 CMM328 New Media Investigation and Application
  • 3 CMM321 Public and Media Relations
  • 3 CMM332 Evaluating and Interacting with Design
  • 3 CMM458 Leading Creative People and Projects
  • 3 CMM470 New Media and Public Relations Strategies
  • 3 CMM465 Strategic Planning for Communications
  • 2 CMM360 Conflict and Negotiation
  • 1 CMM483 Innovation
  • 2 CMM485 Communications Management Capstone
  • 1 CMM496 Communications Management Portfolio

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