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Admission Procedure Part Time

Application packets for admission to the Master of Education Program with ESL/Bilingual Endorsement can be obtained by contacting the administrative assistant for Graduate Programs in Education at Judson University 847/628-1105.

Completed application packets should be mailed or delivered to the Co-coordinator of the Master of Education Program with ESL/Bilingual Endorsement with all of the ancillary materials provided in full. Mailing Address: Judson University, Dr.Gillian Stewart-Wells, Co-coordinator—Master of Education Program with ESL/Bilingual Endorsement, 1151 N. State Street, Elgin, IL, 60123.


The Master of Education Program with ESL/Bilingual Endorsement at Judson University offers the prospective graduate student the opportunity to examine and enhance his/her knowledge base and instructional repertoire with regard to effective research-based practices that are grounded in time-tested, best practice methodology. The program does not offer additional certification; rather, it is designed for the practicing classroom teacher who is motivated to become a more accomplished teacher of the ESL/Bilingual student. One full year of teaching experience is required prior to beginning course work.

Admission to the program is open to the most qualified applicants. A prospective student is reviewed on the basis of the profile material submitted with the application and may then be invited to interview with the Program Coordinator. Admission is offered to the student whose overall profile, interview, and narrative response most closely reflect the ability to succeed in and the ability to contribute to this graduate degree program.

Judson University does not discriminate against any applicant due to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability.

Notice of Decision

Decisions regarding admission are determined by the Coordinator of the Master of Education with ESL/Bilingual Endorsement Program, the Dean of the School of Education and the University Graduate Council, according to the criteria below.

Applicants will be notified by mail regarding their application status once the application and all ancillary materials are submitted and have been reviewed. Questions regarding application status may be directed to the administrative assistant for Graduate Programs in Education by calling 847/628-1105. Note: Application packets that are not complete will not be reviewed.

Required ancillary materials to be submitted in the Application Packet:

  • Application form—completed, signed, and dated.
  • Application fee of $40.00. Make check payable to Judson University.
  • Copy of official teaching certificate.
  • Official signed and sealed transcript(s) of all college work. A grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale is preferred.
  • Two letters of reference. One letter should be provided by someone who can speak to the candidate's professional experience as an educator. The second letter should address the candidate's character and should be provided by someone other than a family member. Each letter should be in a sealed envelope with the writer’s signature crossing the seal.

The whole of the above will be considered regardless of any particular strengths or weaknesses within a single component.

Student Success and Registrar's Office Staff

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Associate Vice President for Student Success and

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Assistant Registrar


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Kat Hamilton
Academic Records Coordinator - Adult Professional


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First Year Freshmen Advisor
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Transfer Student Director


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