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Contact Information

Name:Christopher Wozny
Title:Associate Professor
Department:Science and Mathematics
Year Started:2010
Phone Number:847-628-1136
Office Location:CSM 202B


B.S. Chemistry, Physics, and Teaching, University of Northern Iowa (1982)
M.S. Physics-Teaching, Northern Illinois University (1986)
M.S. Basic Physics, Northern Illinois University (1987)
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Northern Illinois University (1990)
Dissertation topic: Classical and quantum mechanical studies of photofragmentation mechanisms in weakly-bound van der Waals complexes: HeICl, NeICl, HeCl2 and NeCl2 


Post-doctoral study 

The Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of Colorado – Boulder (1990-92)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1992-94)


Although originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago (Crystal Lake, in particular), Dr. Wozny spent the last sixteen years teaching at a community college in rural southeast Georgia before joining the Judson faculty. It was there that he learned that a week from Wednesday is 'Wednesday week'; that if you haven't done it yet, you are fixin' to do it; that you push a buggy around the store, not a shopping cart; and that, sooner or later, everybody meets at Wal-Mart. If you listen carefully, you may still catch him throwing in a "y'all" every once in a while, or asking you in greeting, "You doin' all-right?"


Dr. Wozny is married and has two children: a son completing a degree in Environmental Engineering at Mercer University, and a daughter completing her senior year of high school.

Expertise / Involvements

Promoting activity-based science education at all levels: K-12, college, and within the community; developing and implementing new instructional materials for the physical sciences; beginning new research projects in experimental analytical chemistry and theoretical molecular physics.


Wozny, C.E., Sumpter, B.G., and Noid, D.W., The origins of avoided crossings in polymer dispersion curves, Macromolecular Theory and Simulations,4:709-723, 1995.Wozny, C.E., Sumpter, B.G., and Noid, D.W., Dynamical analysis of linear polymers using mode-specific trajectories, Molecular Physics,82:597-616, 1994Wozny, C.E., Sumpter, B.G., and Noid, D.W., A molecular dynamics method for obtaining the vibrational spectra of macromolecules,Journal of Chemical Physics, 100:3520-3531,1994.Gray, S.K., and Wozny, C.E., Fragmentation mechanisms from three-dimensional wave packet studies: Vibrational predissociation of NeCl2, HeCl2, NeICl, and HeICl, Journal of Chemical Physics, 94:2817-2832, 1991.

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