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 Charisma Magazine Features Story About Darren Wilson 

 Chrisma Article 

(Elgin, IL  February 7, 2011) Charisma Magazine's February issue explores the work of Judson Adjunct Faculty Member and Filmographer Darren Wilson. The article, written by C. Hope Flinchbaugh, describes Wilson's journey making two feature films "Finger of God" and "Furious Love." The February issue will be available online soon by visiting Charisma Magazine's website, Wilson's second feature film "Furious Love," debuted last February.

The article states that Wilson will be hosting an event called Furious Love on April 6-9 at the church where he grew up in Monroe, Mich. The event will "show fans how to do the same things they saw in the films, the event will approach evangelism, healing and deliverance in various styles and comfort levels. Most of the Christians featured in 'The Finger of God' and 'Furious Love' will be teaching at the conference, which coincides with the release of Wilson’s first book, Filming God (Destiny Image)."


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