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Giving Opportunities

The Annual Fund

Support of the Judson University Annual Fund is essential to ensuring that the mission of Judson University continues to be fulfilled. Since 1963, Judson has represented the church at work in higher education equipping its students to become fully developed responsible citizens that work to make a positive impact in their community, nation and the world. Over 90% of Judson students need additional financial assistance above and beyond what is provided through government grants and loans. Through support of the Annual Fund, you assist in providing these additional funds through institutional aid to Judson students.

Restricted Funds

Would you like to support a specific area at Judson University? The University has established several restricted funds in order to provide our donors the ability to designate there gift toward a specific purpose. When you designate your gift toward a restricted fund, 100% of your gift goes toward the designated purpose. Learn more about Judson University Restricted Funds by calling the Office of Advancement at 847-628-2080.

University Endowment

Support of the Judson University Endowment is an investment in the future of the University. When giving a gift for an endowment purpose the principle amount of the gift is given to the University with the stipulation that the funds are invested to earn annual income rather than be spent immediately. A portion of the annual earnings are used to support the specific purpose designated by the donor such as student scholarships or program support. The rest of the earnings are reallocated back into the endowment's principal to ensure that the endowment continues to grow and maintain its purchasing power when factored against inflation, for this reason an endowment gift will continue to make an impact, years after the initial gift has been made. More Information

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