Presidential Profile | Presidential Search at Judson University Christian College

Opportunity Profile

The Position

The president of Judson University serves as the senior executive, having and exercising overall leadership for Judson University. Reporting to the board of trustees, the president is expected to formulate vision and to provide strategic leadership in developing long term initiatives that will advance the mission of Judson. The president of Judson serves as the institutional, academic, and spiritual leader of the school community.

Currently the president’s administration is structured with the following members:

  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Vice President for Business Affairs
  • Vice President and Dean for Student Development
  • Vice President for External Relations
  • Executive Director of Enrollment Services
Key Responsibilities of the Next President

Spiritual Leadership

  • Above all, the president will ensure that the institution stays true to the mission of “equipping students to be fully developed, responsible persons who glorify God.”
  • Be a spiritually mature Christian displaying Christ-centered servant leadership that integrates faith and work.
  • Be known as a person of impeccable character, respected as trustworthy, living the values of integrity, service, and respect for others.

Fundraising/Enrollment Leadership

  • The next president should possess a demonstrated ability in developing relationships and alliances that lead to significant contributions to the university.
  • Judson’s president will build, equip, and work closely with the development staff of the college to ensure fundraising success.
  • The president of Judson will sustain a growth curve in enrollment without outstripping capacity.

Institutional Leadership

  • The next president will have proven leadership skills, financial acumen, and strategic planning abilities to effectively steward the resources of Judson University and insure financial health.
  • The president of Judson must also be an influencer who has contagious enthusiasm. The ability to engage and stimulate confidence on the part of all the constituencies in the Judson community is important.
  • The next president of Judson needs to build, lead, and motivate the team, inspire enthusiasm, cast the vision, and drive new initiatives appropriate for Judson.
  • The president must understand and lead financial planning with senior staff and work through the complexities of university education financing in all its forms.

Academic Leadership

  • The president of Judson should have a deep commitment to academic excellence and a level of personal accomplishment in scholarship that reflects this commitment.
  • This person needs to foster and communicate the meaningful integration of faith and learning in the lives and work of students and educators.
Key Characteristics of the Ideal President
  • Strong Christian Faith – This person will have a solid, visible relationship with Christ which is evidenced by a heart for God. The president must lead with an unwavering dedication to the Christian principles upon which the university was founded.
  • Fundraising Ability – Judson’s next president will be gifted at raising needed funds by developing relationships with major donors and foundations and effectively leading the fundraising team.
  • Decisive – As the ultimate spiritual, academic, and institutional leader of the school, this person will be knowledgeable and confident in making decisions that impact a broad constituency. The next president must have the skills and background to effectively manage a dedicated administration and faculty.
  • Relational – The president will have an engaging, compassionate personality, genuinely captivated by and caring about all the constituent groups of the university. The president will need to develop internal relationships with the administration, faculty and students, as well as external relationships with community leaders, area churches, board members, donors, parents, and alumni.
  • Visionary/Mission-Driven Leader – Judson’s next president will embrace and advance the school’s mission and be able to enthusiastically communicate the vision to others. The next leader will be able to “see the possibilities” for the university and develop a vision and plan of action that the Judson University community will embrace.
Desired Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have many of the following areas of experience:

  • At least 10 years in key leadership and administrative positions, preferably managing the complexity of multiple constituencies, such as those found in higher education, with responsibility in operation, finance, planning and forecasting.
  • The president must also demonstrate a deep and evident faith in Jesus Christ and a love for the church as established by active, committed participation. Applications will be sought from persons who are members of a Bible-based evangelical church. Historically, presidential affiliation has been with the American Baptist Churches, USA.
  • Fundraising/Advancement
  • Enrollment/Retention
  • Board Governance
  • Speaking and presentation experience that includes multiple forums where persuasion and influence are well-developed skills in both formal and inspirational settings; the ability to present Biblical insights in a wide spectrum of venues in engaging ways.
Future Priorities for Judson’s Next President

Successful leadership in this position will be judged by how well the president drives institutional excellence, meets the expectations of the board, and responds to input of faculty, administration and other constituent groups. Following are the key expectations of the next president, taken from a recent community-wide survey:

  • Strengthen the spiritual development of the students.
  • Develop a clear vision and strategic plan for the school, building and growing the team needed to achieve that vision.
  • Improve the financial health of Judson University through fundraising and enrollment growth.
  • Advance the internal morale and climate at Judson University, nurturing unity among members of faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Prioritize existing academic programs, strategically adding majors in line with the university’s goals.
  • Move decisively to accelerate the growth and reputation of Judson University.

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