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We are excited that you have decided on attending Judson.

To begin this process you will need to complete this application. Before you submit this application, please call Laurie Cobern at 847-628-2051 to make payment arrangements. After talking with Laurie submit your application for processing. You can fax this to 847-628-2046.

Once your application is received and processed an email will be sent to the email account you put on your application. This email will provide you with your login and password to MyJudson and your Judson email account. Please give us 2 full business days before you contact us regarding your login email. If you do not receive this email contact Maria Aguirre at maguirre@judsonu.edu.

Once you receive your login, but cannot login to MyJudson or Judsonemail contact our IT Department at 847-628-2500 ext. 4357or email 4357@judsonu.edu if you do not have your login and password. These are important sites that contain everything you need to know in order to navigate around Judson. You need to check your Judson email regularly.
How to login and how to access MyJudson and your Judson email video.

In order to finalize your registration, please be sure to complete the following requirements.
1)  Fill out the Judson University Student Pre-EntranceMedical Record and mail it to the address indicated in the upper right handcorner of the form.  Failure to completeand mail/deliver this form to the Health Center before classesbegin will result in a processing fee.

2)  Contact StudentAccounts as soon as possible for payment instructions/arrangements(847/628-2053). Let Student Accounts know that you are an unclassified studentand which of the following applies to you: Please give them your ID which canbe found in MyJudson. Also let them know what program you enrolling in, either Judson TeacherCertification Program, Architecture PostGraduate Program, or not workingtoward a degree or certification from Judson and whether you are takingundergraduate or graduate level courses.

3)  Fill out the Motor Vehicle Registration Request forUnclassified Students and mail it to the address indicated in the lower lefthand corner of the form.  They will maila parking sticker to you.  Call PlantOperations at 847-628-2480 if you have any questions.  Failure to complete and mail/deliver thisform to Plant Operations before classes begin will result in a processing fee.  Without proper registration your vehicle maybe towed.

4) When coming to campus this map may be useful.

Through MyJudson you will be able to view your scheduleand grades.  Please login to make sure your registration is correct. Pleasebe advised that classroom changes can occur up to the day that classes begin sobe sure to check your schedule just before the first day of class. Please makeyourself familiar with the universities withdrawal policies and calendar thatcan also be found on the website.

Activities All student activities such as clubs, plays, games& choir concerts are available to you at student rates.  You are invited, not required, to attend chapel,which meets Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10:00 to 10:50 a.m.

Regulations Campus regulations applying to regular students alsoapply to you, i.e., prohibition of smoking, the use of drugs/alcoholicbeverages on campus and parking regulations.

Please feelfree to contact the registrar’s office at 847/628-1154 if you have anyquestions.


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