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Speech Communication and Performing Arts

  • Communication Studies Major
  • BA in Communication Studies

    Required = 40.5 Credit Hours

    Important Notes:

    • 40% of major requirements must be completed at Judson.
    • 40% of major requirements must be upper division.
    • Required GPA 2.0
    • Res GPA 2.0


    Core Requirements

    Required = 30.5 Credit Hours

    • COM220 Intro to Study of Communication
    • COM311 Language and Society
    • COM314 Intercultural Communication
    • COM442 Communication Theory/Application
    • COM443 Communication Ethics
    • COM499 Senior Research Project
    • ENG360 Archetypes of Western Literature
    • ENG361 Hero and Anti-Hero
      • OR 1 of the following:
      • ENG362 Man and Woman
      • ENG371 Nature Literature
      • ENG372 Faith and Doubt
      • ENG373 Light in Darkness
    • MED140 Mass Media in Contemporary America
    • MED144 Communications Workshop
    • MED242 Visual art and New Media

    Communication Arts Conference

    Required = 1 Credit Hour

    All Communication Arts majors must register for COM293 every semester that they attend Judson. Registration is for zero credit hours except the student's final semester when it must be taken for one credit hour.


    Required = 9 Credit Hours

    • SPC220 Oral Interpretation/Literature
    • SPC322 Group Discussion
    • SPC320 Agrumentation and Debate
      • Or one of the following:
      • SPC221 Speech Tech for Broadcast Media
      • SPC321 Persuasion
      • SPC323 Advanced Public Speaking
      • SPC330 Speaking the Faith

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