Undergraduate Catalog - Exercise and Sport Science | Judson University Christian College

Exercise Sport Science Department


  • Health and Wellness Major  
  • Sport Management Major


  1. 40% of major requirements must be completed at Judson.
  2. 40% of major requirements must be upper division.
  3. Required GPA = 2.5
  4. Required Residential GPA = 2.5
  5. Major core plus one concentration is required.

Gen Eds required by Exercise Sport Science majors (non-degreed students)

  • BIO272 Principles of Human Anatomy/Physiology w/Lab. and ESS101 Wellness. must be taken as general education science and ESS requirements for the Health and Wellness Major.. 
  • The general education physical activity requirement may also apply to the Health and Wellness major.
  • BIO272 Principles of Human Anatomy/Physiology w/Lab if strongly recommended for the Sport Management.

Health and Wellness Major

Required = 88 hours

  • BIO272 Prin Human Anatomy/Physiology w/Lab (counts toward gen eds)
  • BIO370 Kinesiology
  • BUS101 Introduction to Business
  • BUS102 Accounting Fundamentals
  • BUS222 Comprehensive MS Office Applications
  • ESS101 Wellness (Counts toward gen eds)
  • ESS140 Outdoor Recreation
  • ESS148 Rhythmic Activities (counts toward gen eds)
  • ESS195 Exercise/Sport Science Practicum
  • ESS210 Life Guarding (must have certification or 2 swimming courses)
  • ESS241 Principles of Health
  • ESS242 Foundations of Sport, Health and Wellness
  • ESS245 Community Health
  • ESS251 Motor Development and Learning
  • ESS252 Theory/Techniques of Team Sports
  • ESS253 Theory and Tech of Individual Sports
  • ESS350 Organization and Admin of Sport
  • ESS351 Sport Finance
  • ESS352 Sport Marketing
  • ESS372 Health Nutrition
  • ESS375X Health Aspects/Chemical Dependency
  • ESS378 Sport Psychology
  • ESS395 ESS Practicum
  • ESS447 Adapted Physical Education
  • ESS450 Physical Activity Assessment and Measurement
  • ESS460 Health Education and Promotion
  • ESS467 Physiology of Exercise
  • ESS475 Sport Law and Ethics
  • ESS480 ESS Senior Seminar
  • ESS495 ESS Internship (12 hours)
  • ESS*** Choose three hours of ESS electives

Sport Management Major

Required = 43-49 hours

Major Requirements

Required = 37 hours

  • BUS242 Basic Microeconemics
  • BIO301 Leadershp and Change
  • BUS357 Strategic Planning
  • BUS367 Content/Social Media Marketing
  • ESS242 Foundations of Sport/Health and Wellness
  • ESS270 Sport Sociology
  • ESS275 Facility and Event Management
  • ESS280 Accounting/Sport Professionals
  • ESS351 Sport Finance
  • ESS352 Sport Marketing
  • ESS395 ESS Practicum
  • ESS475 Sport Law and Ethics
  • ESS480 ESS Senior Seminar

ESS Colloquium

Required = 3-4 times for 0 hours

Sport Management majors should register for ESS393 ESS Colloquium each of their last four semesters.

Exception: ESS393 may be waived by the ESS  Chair in the last semester if incompatible with ESS Internship.

  • ESS393 ESS Colloquium

ESS Internship

Required = 6-12 hours

  • ESS495 ESS Internship

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