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Tuition, Fees, and Refunds MLM

Tuition and Fees

Tuition cost for the Masters in Leadership in Ministry (MLM) program is established each year. This is designed to lock in costs for the program. Educational Resources are provided by the University.The tuition cost is $24,000* for students entering the program for the 1415 academic year.

Tuition (One Payment):

Tuition (Three Billing Periods):

$530 per credit Hour + $4,400 for the first course**
Payment in full on or before start of program

Payment due two weeks before each billing period
Application Fee:
$35 With application
Registration Deposit: (both are non-refundable)   $100 Required deposit for course registration, applied to tuition
Graduation Fee: $125 Applied on term that student graduates
Tuition Deferment Plan (TDP)
TDP Deferral Fee:
$50 one-time fee Monthly Payment Deferment Plan
Employer Tuition Reimbursement Plan (ETRP)
ETRP Deferral Fee:
Payment schedule aligned when grades normally will be due.
$50 one-time fee Payment schedule to align with employer’s expected reimbursement.

**In addition to the per credit hour tuition, this total includes the Israel Experience, the Willow Creek Association's Global Leadership Summit, the Chicago ministry visits, an iPad Mini, Bible software,as well as housing and food for the on-campus face-to-face sessions.

**The cost in addition to the per credit tuition provides funds for the Israel Experience courses and the technology resources.



  • Refund - a credit entered on a student's account to reduce the amount of charges.
  • Drop - refers to cancellation of registration for individual classes.
  • Withdrawal - refers to cancellation of registration to all classes for the program.


Students who withdraw from the University must file a withdrawal form with their Academic Advisor.  Such formal notice will establish the withdrawal date.  If a student withdraws without notification, Judson University will determine a withdrawal date.  Refunds will be granted per the following schedules:  


  • If the drop occurs before the begin date of the dropped class, the cost of the dropped class will be refunded at an effective hourly rate for the program and assumes the student has returned all Educational Resources in an “Unused/New” condition.
  • Dropped classes may be rescheduled at a future date and will be billed at an effective hourly rate.
  • The effective hourly rate for the program is the calculated rate using the total billable amount divided by the total number of hours in the MLM program.

If the drop occurs after the beginning date of the dropped class (see exception below), the refund will be calculated based upon the following schedule:

  • After 1 night of class = 75% Refund of cost of this class
  • After 2 nights of class = 50% Refund of cost of this class
  • After 3 nights of class = 25% Refund of cost of this class
  • After 4 or more nights of class = 0% Refund for cost of this class
  • EXCEPTION:There is no refund for the first course in the MLM program if it is dropped after it has started. Since the first course includes billing for the Israel trip, the university will refund in accordance with the trip cancel and refund policy.

The cost of the class is calculated using the effective hourly rate as described above.


Generally, if the Withdrawal occurs before the beginning of a billing period, there will be no cots for that period.  If the withdrawal occurs after the beginning date of the first class of the billing period, the refund will be calculated according to the DROPPING A CLASS process.

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