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The Calendar Year

  • Judson's academic year consists of four terms:
    • Fall
    • Spring
    • Summer 3-week
    • Summer
  • There are vacations at Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • The unit of credit is the semester hour
  • The normal load of classwork is 15-16 hours of credit per semester and 3-4 hours per Summer 1 term. Students must carry 12 hours per semester to be considered full time.

Credit Hour Policy 

  • Judson University’s policy for awarding credit conforms to the federal credit hour definition:

      A credit hour is an amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement that is an institutionally-established equivalency that reasonably approximates not less than:

      • (1) one hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two hours of out-of-class student work each week for approximately fifteen weeks for one semester or trimester hour of credit, or ten to twelve weeks for one quarter hour of credit, or the equivalent amount of work over a different amount of time; 

      • (2) at least an equivalent amount of work as required in paragraph (1) of this definition for other activities as established by an institution, including laboratory work, internships, practica, studio work, and other academic work leading toward to the award of credit hours. 34CFR 600.2

    Registrar Office Staff

    Virginia L. Guth
    Associate Vice President for Student Success/University Registrar

    Heather Johnson
    Assistant Registrar
    Director for Student Services

    Maria Aguirre
    Academic Advisor

    Jill Smith
    Academic Advisor

    Caitlin Kiel
    First Year Freshmen Advisor
    Enrollment Verifications
    Transcript Orders

    Susan J. Kunze
    Catalog and Course Coordinator

    Kirsten Olson
    Transfer Student Director

    Jill A. Hargis
    Graduation Advisor

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