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Gates for Certification Only

Gate 1: Orientation to Teacher Education

The following pages have been designed to give you a check list of the required activities you need to complete at each Gate in order to continue the process toward teacher certification. It is recommended that you look at this as your personal record and that you check and date each activity as it is completed.

  • Set up a meeting with your advisor
    • At this meeting you will receive and discuss the Teacher Education Handbook and complete several activities, including:
      • Discuss Professional Standards
      • Discuss the Four Gates
      • Review Portfolio requirements
      • Review Middle School Endorsement Requirements-completing the form, if you wish endorsement
      • Read “Acknowledgment of Receipt and Responsibility Form”, sign and turn in
      • Review Notification of Appeals Process
      • Discuss Testing Requirements and how to proceed
      • Determine how Practicum I, IIE, and IIH requirements will be met
      • Determine any content concentration or subject matter deficiencies and how these will be remedied

Gate 2: Admission into Teacher Education (Certification Only)

  • Submit evidence of having passed the ISBE Test of Academic Proficiency.
    • You must pass this exam to receive Illinois Teacher Certification
  • Provide two official copies of your transcripts to:
    1. Verify your degree
    2. Verify grades within the concentration/major.
  • *Provide three letters of recommendation from individuals who know you well and can address the following:
    1. Your maturity
    2. Your ability to handle responsibilities
    3. Your organizational skills
    4. Your ability to work with others
    5. Your desire to become an educator
    6. Your character
  • Complete/submit the written Application for Admission into Teacher Education
    • **Application should be received prior to taking methods courses. If the candidate fails to meet the admission requirements before the end of the first semester of methods, the candidate will not be allowed to continue with methods courses the second semester.
  • Submit the Health Center Clearance Form (Discuss TINE Test)
  • Complete the Subcommittee/Recommendation Interview
    • Submit your Portfolio, at this time, showing artifacts to support at least four of the Teaching Standards
    • A minimum score of 6 is expected
  • Receive the Director of Teacher Education recommendation
  • Receive approval of Teacher Education Committee
  • Receive acceptance notification from the Director of Teacher Education Division

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