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Applied Psychology

Major Description

The Applied Psychology major provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to manage people in a variety of occupational settings and fields.  The major also provides foundational knowledge for students pursuing further graduate studies.

Learning Outcomes

The Applied Psychology major equips students to:

  • Recognize important major historical events, key, and theoretical perspectives in psychology, and link their trends in the field.
  • Examine theories to explain mental processes and predict behavior, and evaluate advantages and limitations within selected frameworks.
  • Illustrate how psychological principles explain social issues, inform public policy, and address societal needs.
  • Interpret behavior and mental processes at appropriate level of complexity.
  • Develop appropriate problem solving strategies and interventions in applied setting such as schools, community, government, and businesses.
  • Evaluate information based on the reliability, validity, and generalizability of sources.
  • Explain how individual differences, social identity, and worldview may influence beliefs, values, and interaction with others.
  • Implement legal, ethical, and Christian-based principles within the field of psychology.
  • Demonstrate the values that will contribute to positive outcomes in workplace settings and in building a society responsive to multicultural global concerns.
  • Demonstrate clear, concise written and oral communication skills.
  • Develop interpersonal skills with diverse individuals including clients, co-workers, and supervisors.


Required = 46 hours

  • 3 HSC315 Applied Psychology
  • 3 HSC320 Lifespan Development
  • 3 HSC321 Psychological Disorders
  • 3 HSC430 Statistical Theories and Applications
  • 3 HSC392X Research Design and Analysis
  • 3 HSC481X Faith and Life Issues
  • 3 HSC327 Psychological Tests and Measurement
  • 3 HSC365 Cultural Competence: Divergence or Deviance
  • 3 HSC331 Brain Development, Dynamics, and Disabilities
  • 3 HSC318 Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
  • 3 HSC345 Applied Social Psychology
  • 3 HSC420 Applied Positive Psychology
  • 3 LMM326 Organizational Behavior and Development
  • 3 HSC350 Human Sciences Field Experience
  • 3 HSC425 Applied Psychology Capstone Research
  • 1 HSC496 Human Services Learning Outcomes Portfolio

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