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Statement of Purpose

The Master of Education in Literacy Program at Judson University provides certified teachers with the opportunity to examine as well as enhance their knowledge base and instructional repertoire with regard to effective literacy practices that are research-based and grounded in time-tested, best-practice methodology. This graduate program is designed for the practicing classroom teacher who is motivated to become a more accomplished teacher of reading and writing—a reflective practitioner and master teacher in all areas of literacy instruction. A distinctive of this degree program is a unique set of level-specific anchor courses which will enable graduates to deliver highly effective instruction designed to best meet the needs of today’s literacy learners.

Program graduates’ working knowledge of outstanding literature and its successful integration into the curriculum will be current and will cross all genres. They will become competent consumers and evaluators of literacy research and knowledgeable practitioners with regard to technology’s role in dynamic literacy instruction. Graduates will be prepared to address literacy issues across multiple contexts as well as to better meet the needs of those students for whom English is not the primary language. The mission of the Judson University Master of Education in Literacy Program is to graduate knowledgeable, skilled practitioners who are dedicated to improving the literacy skills of children and young adults and who are passionate about inspiring those same students to become lifelong readers and writers.

Instruction will be delivered in an accelerated format over a period of thirteen consecutive months providing opportunity for immediate classroom application and significant retention of literacy practices under study. The expanded base of research, knowledge, and instructional practice relevant to literacy education will equip program graduates to better meet the diverse needs of literacy learners in their school communities as well as to educate various stakeholders in current literacy best practice.  In addition, interested students may choose to complete four additional courses - leading to reading specialist certification.

Judson University is an evangelical Christian university ranked in the Top Tier of Midwest Comprehensive Colleges and Universities by U.S.News and World Report.

Graduate education at Judson University provides students with advanced learning and skills within a specialized discipline. Graduate students create original work that is rigorously evaluated by professors and peers, demonstrating breadth of scholarship and integrative critical thinking skills. Graduate students demonstrate a high degree of self-motivation in their studies and creatively contribute knowledge and skills to their field.

Graduate education provides students with:

  • Advanced learning in a specialized discipline to promote expertise
    • Academic- centered on generating original research in a particular discipline
    • Professional- developing skills and knowledge for a specific profession
  • Advanced skills as applied to an area of study
  • Rigorous evaluation of student work by professors and peers
  • Opportunity to create original work
    • Breadth of scholarship
    • Ability to think and study independently

Graduate education requires:

  • High degree of self-motivation of creating, doing, and advocating
  • Original research or experience (internships)
  • Creative and effective communication
  • Movement from receiving knowledge to enhancing, creating, and owning knowledge
    • Articulate and assume responsibility for own work
    • Demonstration of integrative, independent, critical thinking
  • Varied roles, from student, to researcher, teacher, mentor
  • Creative contribution to field
    • Collaborative and responsible participation in society
  • Familiarity with principal techniques and important literature in the field
  • Apply quantitative, qualitative, and creative models of inquiry appropriately
  • Demonstrate depth, breadth, and synthesis of learning, and ability to reflect on the significance of that learning

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