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Student Information

Communication with Students

Important information from various administrative offices is normally communicated to students via email. All current Judson University students are provided an email and MyJudson information account. All Students are responsible for checking their Judson email accounts regularly as well as check all academic and schedule information on their own MyJudson information page. The email accounts are maintained by the Information Technology department. The MyJudson Information System is maintained by the Registrar's Office.

Student Responsibility

The student must become familiar with the academic policies, curriculum requirements and associated deadlines as outlined in this catalog (posted on the university web site). The academic adviser will advise the student on all matters related to their program of study and will aid the student in the interpretation of policies whenever necessary. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility for meeting all stated requirements for the degree and the policies related thereof.


The following features are available within your MyJudson account:

  • Your Biographical Information
  • Your Student Schedule
  • Your Grades
  • Your Academic Record (Judson and Transfer Courses)
  • Your Degree Audit
  • Your Financial Aid
  • The Judson University Course Catalog/Class Schedule Listings
  • The ability to project your grade point average (GPA) based on estimated grades
  • Student Forms

If you access the Judson web site from a public area, be sure to close the browser before you leave the computer.

All questions related to your student academic record should be directed to the Registrar's Office at 847-628-1155.

Registrar Office Staff

Virginia L. Guth
Associate Vice President for Student Success/University Registrar


Maria L. Aguirre
Assistant to the Registrar
Graduate Programs
Study Abroad Programs


Heather Johnson
Assistant Registrar
Adult Programs


Susan J. Kunze
Assistant to the Registrar
Traditional Programs


Caitlin Kiel
Student Records
Transcript Ordering
Enrollment Verifications


Kirsten Olson
Transfer Student Director


Jill A. Hargis
Graduation Auditor

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