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Tuition, Fees, Refunds

Tuition cost for the Master of Education in Literacy program is established each year as a package price that includes educational materials needed for all courses, membership (or renewal) in the state reading organization (Illinois Reading Council), and all fees associated with the Judson University Literacy Conference.

Tuition for the 2014-2015 Cohort will be $17,775.00. 

Payment Options

 The three options available for tuition payment are outlined below. 

  • Tuition may be paid in full with a single payment on or before the start of the program in the amount of $17,775.00
  • Tuition may be divided into three billable terms (summer, fall, and spring) with $5,975.00 due before the start of each of the first three terms. A $150.00 fee for utilizing this payment option is included in the price structure.
  • Tuition may be spread out over the course of the program through a tuition deferment plan (TDP) that can be set up with the Student Accounts office at Judson University. An initial payment of $1,575.00 (which includes the TDP fee of $150.00) is due before the beginning of the program in April. A payment of $1,500.00 is then due the fifteenth of every month for 11 months beginning May 15th and ending with a final payment on March 15th. You may contact the Student Accounts office by calling 847/628-2055 to set up this plan.

*Students will be required to select one of the above forms of payment at the time of enrollment in the program. Option three requires advance planning with the Student Accounts office.   

The only other fee associated with the Master of Education in Literacy program is the application fee of $40.00. 



  • Refund - a credit entered on a student's account to reduce the amount of charges.
  • Drop - refers to cancellation of registration for individual classes.
  • Withdrawal - refers to cancellation of registration to all classes for a specific term.

Tuition Refund for Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from the University must file a withdrawal form with the Registrar's Office. Such formal notice will establish the withdrawal date. If a student withdraws without notification, Judson University will determine a withdrawal date. Refunds will be granted per the following schedules:

Tuition Refund for Dropping a Class

There is no refund for an individual class that is dropped within the program.

The Masters of Education in Literacy program covers a period of approximately 13 months or 56 weeks. Tuition refunds for withdrawal from the Masters of Education in Literacy program:

  • Prior to the first class meeting of the program - 100% of the Program Cost
  • Prior to the beginning of the fifth week of the program - 75% of the Program Cost
  • Prior to the beginning of the eighteenth week of the program - 50% of the Program Cost
  • Prior to the beginning of the thirtieth week of the program - 25% of the Program Cost
  • Any subsequent withdrawals - $0

Tuition refunds will be calculated on the Program Cost charge only; there will be no per class or hourly rate refund. There will be no refund for an individual course that is dropped.

Registrar Office Staff

Virginia L. Guth
Associate Vice President for Student Success/University Registrar


Maria L. Aguirre
Assistant to the Registrar
Graduate Programs
Study Abroad Programs


Heather Johnson
Assistant Registrar
Adult Programs


Susan J. Kunze
Assistant to the Registrar
Traditional Programs


Caitlin Kiel
Student Records
Transcript Ordering
Enrollment Verifications


Kirsten Olson
Transfer Student Director


Jill A. Hargis
Graduation Auditor

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