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Duplicate Course Work

Liberal Arts

Students may not substitute courses that have been taken at Judson University or at previously attended regionally accredited academic university and/or universities to meet the requirements of the Liberal Arts cohort. Students who enroll in this cohort must complete all courses in the curriculum in order for their general education requirements to be considered fulfilled.


Students who have transferred into the Professional Studies program from another university, occasionally have completed courses similar to those required in the Professional Studies major. It is the student's responsibility to bring this to the attention of the instructor and negotiate an alternative course or set of course requirements. It is possible for students to complete advanced coursework, alternative coursework, or individualized projects in lieu of repeating a course with the same title or course number. Students should contact their academic advisor for information concerning alternative arrangements which might help them avoid course duplication.

Students who are enrolled in a major cohort may meet their general education requirements with Associate of Arts/Liberal Arts courses. Enrollment in Associate of Arts/Liberal Arts courses is based on the space availability as well as the student's demonstrated difficulty working in an online course. Major cohort students are limited to a maximum of 12 hours of Liberal Arts credit to apply to general education requirements. Major students who enroll in 13 or more credit hours of Liberal Arts are considered to be fulfilling the general education requirements through the Liberal Arts cohort and therefore must complete all the credits in the cohort.

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