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Graduation Requirements

All degree candidates must have earned at least a 3.0 grade point average, have successfully submitted a research-based feature article to a peer-reviewed journal, completed all courses and be approved for graduation by the Program Director, the Dean of the Division of Education, Adult and Continuing Education, and the Faculty. No course grade lower than a C will be accepted towards graduation in the program.

The candidate must apply at least 6 months prior to his/her planned graduation date to participate in the commencement and hooding exercises according to University policy.

Core Requirements

Required = 14 courses, 39 hours

  • LIT505 Integrating Technology in Literacy Instruction
  • LIT510 Strategies for Effective Reading and Writing Instruction
  • LIT515 Writing for Educators
  • LIT520 Reaching Second-Language Readers & Writers
  • LIT525 Reaching Reluctant Readers & Writers
  • LIT530 Oral Interpretation of Children's Literature
  • LIT535 Literacy Conference*
  • LIT601 Developing Consumers of Research
  • LIT605 Communication in Professional Settings
  • LIT610 Literacy Research
  • LIT630 Writing for Professional Journals
  • LIT620-1 Evaluating Children's Literature (K-3)
    • Or LIT620-2 Evaluating Children's Literature (4-12)
  • LIT640-1 Assessing & Improving Writing Instruction (K-3)
    • Or LIT640-2 Assessing & Improving Writing Instruction (4-12)
  • LIT650-1 Assessing & Improving Reading Instruction (K-3)
    • Or LIT650-2 Assessing & Improving Reading Instruction (4-12)

Registrar Office Staff

Virginia L. Guth
Associate Vice President for Student Success/University Registrar

Heather Johnson
Assistant Registrar
Director for Student Services

Maria Aguirre
Academic Advisor

Jill Smith
Academic Advisor

Caitlin Kiel
First Year Freshmen Advisor
Enrollment Verifications
Transcript Orders

Susan J. Kunze
Catalog and Course Coordinator

Kirsten Olson
Transfer Student Director

Jill A. Hargis
Graduation Advisor

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