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Residence Life

The goal of the residence life staff at Judson University is to provide the physical environment and professional services necessary to create an effective educational living/learning experience, which will contribute to every aspect of student life - spiritual, social, academic, and physical. Interaction and cooperation are essential to personal growth in the residence hall. To this end, students and staff work together to communicate clearly, to encourage one another, and to uphold fairly the standards of communal living.

Housing Information

Judson University has traditionally been a residential school. It continues to maintain a strong commitment to the concept that community living plays a vital role in the student's academic experience and total development. To this end, students are required to live on campus unless they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Living with parents within a 45-minute (one way) commute
  • Married
  • Not attending the university full-time
  • 23 years of age or older by the first day of fall classes
  • Living with Judson faculty or staff in their primary residence (1 student per address).

The University Housing Form must be completed online annually and returned to the Director of Housing.

Any student who does not submit and receive approval of their off campus housing form by the appropriate University due date will be charged for room and board fees.

At the end of each semester, and with the permission of their resident directors, students may change roommates and/or rooms. There is a $25 charge for changing room’s mid-year. Room and board for students does not cover Christmas and Spring Breaks. The university closes down the residence halls for a 2 week period over the Christmas and New Year Holiday. At the end of each semester, rooms might be consolidated as needed to provide space for housing. 

Students may apply to live on campus during the summer, even if they are not enrolled in a class. Applications and summer housing information are made available near the end of the spring semester. Priority is given to students working full-time on campus for the university; students involved in a practicum or internship experience (a professor's signature is required for internships); international students; and student's serving as resident assistants for the summer. Students living on campus during the summer are under the general supervision of the residence life staff. All campus rules and regulations are in effect for all residents.

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