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Judson Student Organization

The Judson Student Organization (JSO) is a campus organization that serves the student body. The executive committee of the JSO is made up of the Student Body President, Vice President of Social Activities, and Vice President for Operations and Communication. The main branches of the JSO involve student government operations and student activities. International students and commuter students also serve as voting members of the JSO to help represent the needs and concerns of the student body.

The basic purpose of the JSO is to assist in the full development of the students of Judson University by promoting fellowship and campus activities, encouraging high academic and moral standards and fostering a distinctively Christian university community. The JSO takes care to operate in accordance with procedures, rules, and regulations set forth in the JSO Constitution, student leader standards, the student handbook and other university documents, as well as the Holy Bible.

University Ministries

The University Ministries (UM) staff is a group of students who help connect the student body to God and each other.

The committees of the UM team are: Global Outreach, Local Community Outreach, Community Life, FCA, Campus Ministries and Chapel Worship, Dance and Drama leaders. Also included are Chapel Videographer and Sound Technician. UM works alongside JSO to create an environment on Judson's campus where students are engaged academically, socially and spiritually.

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