Undergraduate Catalog - School of Business and Leadership - Business Minors | Judson University Christian College

Business Minors


  • Major GPA 2.0
  • Resident GPA 2.0

Business Minor 

Required = 18 Credit Hours

NOTE:  Music/Business Entrepreneurship majors are not allowed to declare this minor. 

Required Courses

Required = 9 Credit Hours

  • BUS250 Management Principles
  • BUS251 Principles of Accounting
  • BUS253 Business Law I

Elective Courses

Required = 9 Credit Hours

Three additional courses may be selected from the business course offerings. At least two must be upper division.

  • BUS***

Finance Minor

Required = 21 Credit Hours

Required Courses

Required = 18 Credit Hours

  • MAT311 Probability and Statistics w/lab
  • BUS343 Money, Banking, Finance
  • BUS344 Personal Finance
  • BUS357 Strategic Planning
  • BUS456 Investments
  • BUS340 Intermediate Accounting I

Accounting Course: (3 Hours)

Required = 3 Credit Hours

  • BUS341 Intermediate Accounting II
    OR BUS353 Tax Accounting

Information Technology Systems Minor

Required = 18 Credit Hours

  • ITS224 Programming/Languages
  • ITS225 Application Development Using C# *
  • ITS310 Systems Analysis & Design
  • ITS315 Business Data Communications
  • ITS319 Database Management
  • BUS412 Project Management
    • * NOTE: ITS225 may be substituted with other programming course(s) with chair approval.

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