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  1. 40% of major requirements must be completed at Judson.
  2. 40% of major requirements must be upper division.
  3. No grade lower than C- accepted for major requirements.
  4. Architecture courses are sequential. Therefore, students must successfully pass a course with a minimum of C- to meet the prerequisite of the next course in the sequence. Example: ARC231 must be passed in order to take ARC232, and ARC251 must be passed in order to be eligible to take ARC252, and so on throughout the curriculum.
  5. Students may take up to 6 credits of Graduate electives as an undergraduate, once they are seniors in credits earned.
  6. Minimum major GPA of 2.50 required.

Architecture Course Listing

Gen Eds required by major (non-degree students) :

  • ART111 or DES121 also fulfill Gen Ed Visual & Performing Arts Requirement
  • HIS261 History of Civilization I
  • PHY237 General Physics I w/Lab
  • MAT211 Functions and Calculus or MAT215 Calculus w/Analytic Geometry I

Specific Overall Requirements for Architecture: 

  • 130 semester hours
  • 2.5 GPA


Required = 1 hour

  • ARC101 Shop Stewardship Materials and Processes


Required = 18 hours

  • ARC222 Construction Tectonics and Assemblies    
  • ARC310 Digital Design Simulation
  • ARC321 Theories of Environmental Stewardship
  • ARC322 Advanced Construction Tectonics and Assemblies
  • ARC421 Environmental Technology II
  • ARC422 Environmental Technology III 


Required = 15 hours

  • ARC231 History of Architecture I
  • ARC232 History of Architecture II
  • ARC331 History of Architecture after the Industrial Revolution 
  • ARC332 Architecture of Cities
  • PHL260 Introduction to Philosophy


Required = 8 hours

  • ARC341 Theories of Architectural Structures
  • ARC441 Advanced Architectural Structures


Required = 38 hours

  • ART111 Drawing I
  • DES121 Design I
  • ARC122 Communication and Architectonics
  • ARC251 Heuristics and Architectonics
  • ARC252 Architectural Design Explorations
  • ARC351 Intermediate Architecture Design Studies
  • ARC352 Elective Architecture Design Studies
  • ARC451 Integrative Architectural Design Studies I
  • ARC452 Integrative Architectural Design Studies II    


Required = 5 hours

  • ARC381 Architectural Study Tour


Required = 1 hour

  • ARC462 Preceptorship Preparation


Required = 3 hours (electives)

NOTE: Any combination of 300 or 400 level courses are acceptable. ART211 and/or ART223 are also acceptable, but not required. EXCLUDES GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS.

  • ART211 Drawing II
  • ART223 Darkroom Photography I
  • ANY 300 or 400 Level Course

TOTAL REQUIRED:  89 Semester Hours


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