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Film and Digital Media Goals and Objectives


Terrance Wandtke, chair

Paul Mouw, Darren Wilson, Brenda Buckley-Hughes, Pat Hargis, Patrick Alden, Leslie Kruser, Thomas Voigt,, Matthew Bilen, Emeritus: Stuart Ryder

Department Objectives

  1. To prepare students to appreciate, evaluate and appropriate the messages of the mass media and to communicate effectively with mass media professionals.
  2. To prepare students for careers by exposing them to a broad spectrum of media career paths and by equipping them to develop gifts that pertain to specific employment opportunities..
  3. To enable students to make written, oral, and visual presentations clearly and in a style appropriate for the audience and the medium..
  4. To assist students in developing an ethical standard for evaluating the messages of the media industry and the personal conduct of mass media professionals in the context of Christian thought and principles.

The Film and Digital Media department is an interdisciplinary response to employment opportunities in corporate and not-for-profit enterprises (especially as the need for media professionals has increased exponentially as the digital revolution has progressed). These majors further conceptual skills developed through liberal arts studies, combining them with skill-specific abilities. Depending on the major, these include film-making, media writing, media promotion, website design, and digitally-based design. Film and Digital Media students may also want to investigate the CCCU-sponsored opportunities such as Los Angeles Film Studies program. See Best Semester or consult with your advisor.

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