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Department of History and Intercultural Studies


Craig Kaplowitz Chair - Department of History and Intercultural Studies

James Halverson, Dennis Maher, Angelene Naw

Emeritus: Richard Clossman

Department Goals and Objectives

The social sciences aim to explain individual and group behavior and include the disciplines of anthropology, history, political science, psychology, and sociology. Studying the social sciences develops the capacity for critical and analytical thinking about human behavior, community dynamics and social policies in terms of cultural and cross-cultural contexts. Those who study the social sciences often go on to careers in social work, social/human services, student development, the legal professions, human resources and the professional pastorate. At Judson University, students can major in Psychology, Sociology, Intercultural Studies,or History and/or participate in such Programs as Human Services, Pre-Law and Cross-Cultural Studies. The Division of Social Sciences strives to :

  1. Prepare students who are interested in careers in which they can apply an under- standing of human behavior.
  2. Prepare students for graduate study.
  3. Model and encourage academic excellence and integration of Christian faith and the social sciences.
  4. Model and encourage a global perspective for understanding human behavior.

History Objectives

Students will:

  1. Gain exposure to the history of world civilizations including their political institutions, philosophies, religions, and social structures.
  2. Learn how to integrate their Christian faith with historical concepts.
  3. Be prepared for graduate study.
  4. Develop critical thinking abilities, read perceptively, and write effectively.
  5. Develop analytical and research skills.

Intercultural Studies Objectives

Students will:

  1. Encounter the broad scope of human cultures through an interdisciplinary approach.
  2. Prepare students for careers in fields which require an understanding of foreign cultures and/or cultural diversity in their own society.
  3. Prepare for graduate study in intercultural studies, foreign policy or other cognate disciplines.
  4. Develop and practice oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  5. Develop skills in discerning the needs of and working with diverse groups.

The intercultural Studies major is designed to give students a foundational education in the variety of human culture.  Students will receive a broad exposure to various cultures throughout the world and an introduction to the different academic approaches to intercultural study.  Studentq will also choose a particular culture outside the U.S. for first hand study, including language instruction.

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