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Student Services

The AU Student Services team seeks to minister to the whole student, facilitating and supporting students to become successful, resourceful adult learners. Services and resources are available to assist students in their academic, personal, emotional, spiritual and career growth and development. We provide services and resources in three main areas:

  1. Academic advisement and counseling
  2. Communication between students and the program
  3. Career development and transition counseling

Every AU student takes a course entitled, "Principles of Adult Learning." This course enables students to identify the academic, professional, and personal skills they bring to the learning experience and to integrate a rich variety of strategies and tools for lifelong learning in all aspects of their lives. Students also have the opportunity to identify resources and establish an Academic Plan for their educational journey at Judson University.

Students who meet eligibility requirements may receive academic recognition through Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society, Judson Graduation Honors and AU graduation awards.

Transcript evaluation and financial aid counseling are available through the Registrar's Office and Financial Aid Office. AU students are invited to attend the academic and athletic activities, guest lectures and workshops, etc. as noted on the Judson University web page.  For information about our Student Success Center, please click on the

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