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Classification of Students

Enrollment Load

Twelve semester hours is the minimum enrollment load to be classified as full time. Less than 12 hours is classified as part time: 9, 10 or 11 semester hours is three-quarter time; six, seven or eight semester hours is half time; fewer than six semester hours is less than half time.

Enrollment for more than 18 semester hours constitutes an overload and is permitted only for students with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher. Exceptions must be approved by the registrar or designee. Hourly rate tuition is charged for overloads. Some services provided by students are awarded a semester credit hour but are not included in the credit hour count for overload. Examples are: Peer Tutoring Seminar, Communications Workshop, and several musical ensembles.

Year in university

Students are classified according to the credit hours they have accumulated.

Semester Hours Classification
0-27.99 Freshmen
28-59.99 Sophomores
60-89.99 Juniors
90 or more Seniors

Student Success and Registrar's Office Staff

Virginia L. Guth
Associate Vice President for Student Success/University Registrar

Heather Johnson
Assistant Registrar

Maria Aguirre
Academic Advisor

Jill Smith
Academic Advisor

Kat Hamilton
Academic Records Coordinator - Adult Professional

Kim Blake
First Year Freshmen Advisor
Test Proctor

Caitlin Kiel
First Year Freshmen Advisor
Enrollment Verifications
Transcript Orders

Susan J. Kunze
Catalog and Course Coordinator

Kirsten Olson
Transfer Student Director
Prep Program Coordinator

Jill A. Hargis
Graduation Advisor


General Inquiries


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