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Adult Undergraduate (AU) Charges

Tuition and Costs

Tuition: $495 per credit hour, includes all educational resources and technology fee

Academic Fees*

  1. Application Fee - Payable upon Application Submission (non refundable) $35
  2. Registration Deposit - Prerequisite to first-time course registration, credit toward tuition (deposit is non refundable) $100
  3. Graduation audit fee - Cap, gown, diploma, and other commencement expenses $100
  4. Late registration fee - For students who register for courses two weeks after the cohort term start date $150
  5. Late Payment Fee - See payment due information in Payment Policy $50(Note: Tuition and fees for all semesters and terms are due two weeks prior to the first day of class.)
  6. Add/drop course change, per transaction $30
  7. DSST or similar administration fee for exam(s) through Judson, per test $15
  8. Challenge examination development/evaluation fee, per credit hour $75
  9. PLA-CAEL (
  10. Readmit fee $100
  11. AU cohort course make-up, individualized study fee $375 plus the hourly cost of tuition
  12. Payment Plan Fee (TDP) - $75 per term
    Employer Reimbursement Payment Plan Fee (ETRP) - $100 Per Term

Other Fees*

  1. I.D. Replacement fee $10
  2. Parking in handicapped zone $350
  3. Smoking fine, each incident $100
  4. Deferred Payment Plan Fee - One-time fee for an extended payment due date plan
  5. TDP Plan - Monthly payments for course-bycourse plan $50
  6. ETRP - Employer Tuition Reimbursement based playment plan $50
  7. NSF check fee or rejected Online Electronic Check payment $25
  8. Rejected Direct Deposit disbursement of refund $15

* Academic and other fees are subject to change.

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