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Criminal Justice Management

The major in criminal justice management has been designed by law enforcement professionals. The curriculum not only provides classes that meet the needs of those interested in law enforcement, but also provides a solid management basis for students who may want to work their way up the ranks to a better career position now or in the future. This major prepares and enriches police officers, court and security personnel, and anyone else interested in the law enforcement field.

Learning Outcomes

The Criminal Justice Management major equips students to:

  • Examine criminal justice management field from a biblical perspective. Employ Christian values as a guidepost when managing and leading criminal justice agencies and their staff.
  • Develop the individual student's personal management and leadership philosophy.
  • Acquire and enhance necessary written and verbal communication skills in order to facilitate both internal and external communication in the modern criminal justice agency.
  • Develop their capabilities with management information systems and other technological strategies necessary to perform as efficient as possible in the modern workplace.
  • Employ Christian ethics and sound moral judgment in decision-making and respect for multicultural diversity.
  • Examine the role of homeland security in today's law enforcement agencies and acquire a basic understanding of emergency management.
  • Develop sound budgeting decision-making practices by widening their perspective beyond the fiscal, but also the ramifications of those decisions.
  • Develop critical thinking skills as they pertain to American jurisprudence in both the criminal and civil justice court systems.
  • Increase awareness of community oriented policing and analyze the philosophy as an alternative to the traditional methods of policing.

Core Requirements

Required = 46 Hours

  • 3 LDB322 Managerial Communications
  • 3 LDB392 Research Methods
  • 3 LDB357 Principles of Management and Leadership
  • 3 LDB481 Faith and Life Issues
  • 3 CJM349 Public Financing and Budgeting
  • 3 CJM309 Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness in Criminal Justice Settings
  • 3 CJM356 Labor Relations in a Criminal Justice Environment
  • 3 CJM368 Crime Analysis
  • 3 CJM370 Homeland Security/Emergency Management
  • 3 CJM375 Community-Oriented Policing
  • 3 CJM383 Law Enforcement, Ethics and Mortality
  • 3 CJM387 Criminal Procedure: Law and Practice
  • 3 CJM395 Urban Policing
  • 3 CJM389 Civil Liability – Police Misconduct and Accountability
  • 3 CJM455 Senior Leadership and Management Seminar in Criminal Justice Setting
  • 1 CJM496 Criminal Justice Learning Outcomes Portfolio

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