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Human Services

The major in human services has been designed for those already working or those interested in working in human services organization. Students in the program examine and evaluate human systems, analyze service problem situations and select appropriate interventions, develop interpersonal skills and administrative competencies, recognize and respect the dignity and worth of all persons, and advocate for social change for vulnerable and oppressed people and groups.

Learning Outcomes

The Human Services major equips students to:

  • Understand the historical, philosophical, and faith-based aspects of human services and integrate those principles into their professional practice.
  • Examine and evaluate human systems-individual, group, family, organization, community, and society from a Christian perspective.
  • Understand the conditions that promote or limit optimal human functioning for individuals, groups and the community at large in order to advocate for social change particularly for vulnerable and oppressed people and groups.
  • Systematically analyze a service problem situation; select appropriate strategies, services,or interventions and evaluate their outcomes.
  • Use critical thinking skills to manage information and communicate it effectively in oral and written form.
  • Develop human service intervention skills appropriate to Bachelor-level education and in preparation for graduate education.
  • Develop interpersonal skills with clients, co-workers, and supervisors.
  • Demonstrate competency in the general administrative aspects of the service delivery system.
  • Recognize and respect the dignity, worth, and right to self-determination of all persons with regard to multi-dimensional aspects of diversity.
  • Implement legal, ethical, and Christian-based principles within the human services profession.
  • Develop an ongoing awareness of their own values, personality styles, interpersonal skills,and limitations.

Core Requirements

Required = 46 Hours

  • 3 HSC312 Foundations of Human Services
  • 3 HSC328 Social Welfare Policy
  • 3 HSC314 Human Behavior and Social Environment
  • 3 HSC430 Statistical Theories and Applications
  • 3 HSC392X Research Design and Analysis
  • 3 HSC342 Individual Practices and Interventions
  • 3 HSC343 Group Practices and Interventions
  • 3 HSC382 Practice Perspectives in Older Adult Care
  • 3 HSC357 Advocacy and Social Justice
  • 3 HSC365 Cultural Competence: Divergence of Deviance
  • 3 HSC440 Not-for-Profit Management
  • 3 HSC472 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services
  • HSC350 Human Sciences Field Experience
  • 3 HSC481X Faith and Life Issues
  • 3 HSC492 Integrated Learning Capstone Course
  • 1 HSC496 Human Services Learning Outcomes Portfolio

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